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First Baptist McGregor
Baptist Faith & Message
Click the image above for an unabridged copy of the Baptist Faith and Message adopted in 1963. These are the basic beliefs of baptists and First Baptist Church.
What We Believe: Baptist Faith & Message
What We Practice
Who We Are

Jesus pressed hard decisions on would-be disciples all the time, testing the depth of their conviction or the shallowness of their adhesion. When the rich young man was told to "go, sell all you have and follow me," his adherence quickly dried up. Jesus didn't say, "There are lots of ways, choose one." He claimed, "I am the way, the truth and the life." The apostle Paul found nothing so distasteful as those who were "lukewarm" in their faithfulness to God who had sent His Son Jesus to die for us and redeem us from sin and death.

Saying "yes" to Christ's gift of life opens us up to the unlimited choices of God's love. Practicing the presence of God in our lives opens our witness to a world that needs a Savior.


First Baptist Church
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